curating identity, stories, and mood through graphic craft and visual language.

I'm an illustrator with a background in architecture, an eye for detail and a thirst for creative development. 
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Keeping myself busy

Having left my dayjob for over 7 months now, I think I've finally come to a rather good rhythm in my routine in which I feel comfortably productive. The past week, there has been a bit of a lull in my workload, so I decided to revisit some old projects in the hopes of being able to finish what I started. There was a lettering project I started about 8 months ago, originally a tattoo design that I was haphazardly toying around with while flipping through some oldschool lettering books. I redrew my sketch and added detail, scanned it in, and cleaned it up on photoshop. Here's a fun little gif of some of the little edits I've been making since. Keep your eyes peeled for the finished product to be loaded onto the gallery!

The original sketch

The original sketch

A Prayer Journal

Hello, netizen!