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I'm an illustrator with a background in architecture, an eye for detail and a thirst for creative development. 
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10 Day Roundup – From my Garden

This roundup features a few of my garden trophies. This year is my first fullout attempt to invest in a 'real' garden, something my mom's been wistfully wanting for a while (with good reason – our back yard is/was a vast expanse of weedy nothing). A month later, these guys are all still looking pretty alive, whoop! 

I started this roundup thinking I would try something different and play around with colour pencils. A few days in, however, I really wasn't feeling it. I do like colour pencils but there is something about the medium that doesn't give me enough oomph graphically. 

On another note, I noticed that I am officially halfway through the 100 Day Project! This has been much more of a marathon than I had anticipated, but definitely worth all the effort and rigidity. I’ve definitely learned a lot about different plants and am appreciating all the small details that makes every species so unique.

10 Day Roundup – Mediterranean & Subtropical Fruits