curating identity, stories, and mood through graphic craft and visual language.

I'm an illustrator with a background in architecture, an eye for detail and a thirst for creative development. 
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10 Day Roundup – Mediterranean & Subtropical Fruits

For these ten days, I went with pencil.
I think the Mediterranean theme initially came up because it was a gorgeous day out and I was feeling nostalgic of my 4 months in Italy, now already 2.5+ years ago. I was suddenly craving some limoncello which lead to me drawing a lemon.

I spent a lot of time with pencil in the past, training in drawing still lifes, and it was all I ever seemed to sketch with during high school. Being in the architecture field for the last 6 years however has gotten me using pen almost exclusively. The last several months have involved me refamiliarizing myself with pencil and accepting the rough, smudgy, forgivingness of the medium that has become rather foreign to me.

Conceptual Process: Week 1

10 Day Roundup – From my Garden